In classics like Hum Aapke Hai Kaun, Tuffy the dog was everyone’s favorite. With him being the actual hero of climax who completes the protagonist’s love story, not only did furry beings became Bollywood’s buddies but also ours. 22 years later, we had Pluto Mehra, the voice behind Bollywood Blockbuster, Dil Dhadakne Do, not only being the hero’s best friend but rather his family. Our relationship with our pets over the years has transformed from being the security dog to more like blood-relation (yes!) buddies

With many couples and individuals adopting pets over children, the trend seems to be only growing. “People who don’t have kids or rather stay alone in the city, often opt for adopting a pet and taking care of them,” says Sanjeev Kumar, animal behaviorist, Scoopy Scrub grooming salon.

Research says that getting a pet is feasible only when you have someone who takes care of them at home the entire day.
So what about working couples who wish to keep pets? According to Kumar, there are two ways you can go about this. Firstly, a househelp. Bonding your househelp with your pet is essential. However, you want your buddy to be yours, so spending time with them over early morning and late evening walks helps. “Groom them once every day. Brush their hair daily,” says Kumar.

In instances like these, going for a smaller breed is better. A big breed dog requires that much attention and care taken care and its fully cleaned by office cleaning berkley. Going for smaller breeds like pugs or beagles is practical.
Secondly, if you do not have a househelp, train your dog well. “Right after you get a puppy, take at least a week’s holiday,” recommends Kumar. Comforting your pet with chew stuff and ample amount of toys helps. If you are a working individual, begin with leaving your pet for an hour daily and slowly increase the time gap, to adjust them being alone. However, do not chain your pet, it only makes them more angry towards you.

What are the possible impacts of not training your pet and leaving them alone right from the beginning?
As your pet is emotionally connected to you, they will start destroying things they relate with you. This means biting, chewing pillows, passing motion or peeing on your bed. If you have been noticing these changes in your pet once you leave them home, chances are they are showing their aggression to you.So be it Tuffy or Pluto or fat Louise from princess diaries, all pets need to be taken care of with love and a little bit of drama.