Antaleena Ganguly, a marketing operation manager, has had pets for as long as she can remember. Since she has a full-time job and ageing parents at home, she can’t have a pet of her own now. To fill the void, she would foster pets on weekends and holidays. So, when she learnt about a formal course on pet sitting, she instantly signed up for it.
While there have been people who pet sit at an informal level, pet parents will soon be able to hire pet sitters who have been trained by a professional. What’s more, all the pet sitters are either students or working professionals, who are passionate about animals and want to pet sit in addition to their day jobs. This ensures that your pet is being looked after by someone who genuinely has their wellbeing at heart.
Canine behaviourist and trainer Anand Vishwanath, pack leader at Anvis Inc., is using his expertise to offer this crucial service to pet parents in Bengaluru, who, more often than not, grapple with the anxiety that results from having to leave their pets alone at home. Many are unable to go on holiday for years since their pets are distressed at animal shelters. Anand has already trained 12 pet sitters via his programme, the biggest focus of which is safety — for the pet parent and sitter.

“Pet sitting can be quite a delicate thing, as it requires the pet parents trusting someone with their house and their pet. So, there is a huge security aspect. This is why we pick only passionate pet lovers and are not hiring people, which ensures that no one is really doing it for the money that are more involved by the atlanta maids. These are people who are either working or are students. I personally whet them and have them fill out a detailed form. We also do a background check, with ID cards and passport copies. After this, once we invite people for the training session, we list of a set of dos and don’ts, and focus on safety aspects — how to safely take care for a pet at someone else’s premises,” says Anand.

Although Antaleena has been around dogs all her life, she learnt how to understand different breeds and their needs through the two-day practical training programme. “Each breed has its own behaviours. While I have had a Labrador and Doberman, I haven’t had a chance to interact with different breeds. Through the training, I got to understand how to deal with different kinds of dogs. For e.g., sport breeds need extra exercise, otherwise they will displace their energy elsewhere. I also learnt how to walk dogs in the correct manner and how to handle clients,” she says.
A website will be up soon, as well as an app, which will work like app-based cab services. Once you set up a profile as a pet parent, you can look for pet sitters in your area, meet them with your pet beforehand and decide if you and your pet are comfortable with them. You can then book them as and when you require their services. Anand only provides a platform to connect pet parents and sitters. Once they meet, the parents and sitters decide the fee and the duration of sitting. Anand guarantees safety and has a refresher training course every six months for the sitters. Also in the pipeline is the option for home boarding, through which one can drop off their pet at someone else’s house.