Doggie wedding couture is a reality as designers are coming up with wedding trousseau for paw-ple – with a spin…
Toddy, in his maroon and gold sherwani with a brocade dupatta around his neck, was easily the best dressed male in the engagement ceremony. Bride Shreya Goenka’s pooch (a pug) went through tailoring sessions to get his customised bridal look spot on! “It was an Indian function, so Toddy had to get a sherwani. We are lucky we found just the one for him from an online store. He carried the sherwani like a pro,” said Goenka. His other outfits? “We are looking at a tuxedo with a matching pocket square for the main functions,” she said.
Angel’s human brother has elaborate plans for her. “My 8-year-old golden retriever is fascinated with saris, so we are getting her one for my wedding function,” said Aditya Chopra. The mini sari for Angel with a gota patti print is already quite a hit with the family. To complete the ensemble there is pooch jewellery and designer ethnic paw protectors on offer too. “For Bruno (English bulldog) we chose a Swarovski brooch on a simple cotton dupatta and matching shoes with prints,” said Nirmala Das from Hyderabad. Fancy (yet comfortable) Patiala suits are also in demand, as are pure silk mini jackets. “Their comfort is top priority. Our tailors make sure there is enough room for the pet to move around freely. We want them to enjoy the festivities, not feel dogged down,” Rashi Sanon Narang, founder of a leading e-commerce dog product venture in Delhi, said. She is currently working on an Indian tux with an ethnic bow tie for Burfi (a labrador).

Vet it

Question: Dogs shy away from baths during winter. How can one tackle this?
Answer: Just as you have a bath in winter, so can your pet. Ask your vet about the frequency of giving your pet a bath. Use lukewarm water to give them a bath and make sure the coat is fully dry before you take them outdoors. Also, it is advisable you give them a bath during the late morning so that the pet can dry himself by soaking some sun.

Question: How can one boost pet immunity during winter?
Answer: To take care of their immunity and immune system, give them adequate vitamin C. You can consult your vet about vitamin C supplements too.

— Dr Gautam Anand, Delhi-based Veterinarian

Paw-dding pictures to make your Sunday

Whether acting as the best man, ring bearer, or just the bride or groom’s friend, dogs are the ultimate guests you need on the wedding guest list. Just imagine them walking down the aisle dressed in custom-made attire. Awwdorable, right? Recently, a Mumbai-based couple Mitali Salvi (left) and Ali Shakeer got married in Goa. Mitali’s pet dog, Pantu was in attendance. Taking inspiration from them, we browsed through the internet to bring to you more of such bow-wowness at Indian weddings. Enjoy!

-By Shraddha Varma

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