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Are you ready for a pet?

On an average 600,000 pets are adopted every year in India, but sadly a lot of them are thrown back to the shelter homes.Its fun to cuddle and play with them. It also feels humane and righteous to feed the strays.Time and again we have an urge to get a pet home. Discussion about getting a pet is common in Indian household these days.
But are you really ready for a pet? Most of us decide to get a pet for all the wrong reasons, because they are cute and the idea of having a pet is fun. Just because we are lonely and going through a bad phase of life. The worst is the idea of gifting a pet to someone.


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Hi everyone! Meet Jojo, a media professional for 30 years who quit his routine job and founded Delhi’s only start-up “Woof Yums” that provides freshly cooked customized meals for pets and strays all over the city. With the help of his wife, he provides wholesome nutritious food as per the health/age requirements to approximately 180 pets across the city and about 200 strays. He says, “Much like us humans, pets can have ailments and be in need of special diets with adequate minerals and proteins for a swift recovery, that's what we look into. He further added, “Seeing pets and strays enjoying the exclusively prepared, healthy food, satiates my manifesto of a well-lived life. Wagging tails and full tummies are God's acknowledgment of my deeds.” You can contact him at jotvinder.singh@gmail.com



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