Depression and Pets

If we understand depression and anxiety in simple words it would mean a vacuum in our lives that we are trying to fill.Whether it is a unsatisfied job, unhealthy relationships or not feeling in control of your situation can lead us to feeling low and it saps out our positive energy.Many a times a tender touch, encouraging words or a warm touch are all we need to get back into the rhythm and swing in our lives.
Getting this from another human being may not always be the case, those who understand unconditional love, would then understand that having a pet in their lives fills them up with love, energy, positivity and purpose.



Hello everyone! Meet Lauretta Shahoomian, a pet enthusiast who helps stray pets through adoption, feeding and medical aid. Maximus, a friend’s pet was her first brush to the happy world of pets. But soon she realized that there are many more puppies struggling around for food. From that day on, she has rescued and helped feed a large number of stray pets on her own and at times with the help of organizations that deal with animal welfare. She says, “The relationship one forms with pets is immensely satisfying and enriching. They are stress busters and for sure are our family. By helping them we actually help ourselves and the planet.”
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